Russian Embassy in Laos Facilitates Presidential Election Polls: Putin Secures Victory with Introduction of Electronic Voting

Russian Ambassador to Laos, Vladimir Kalinin (Photo: Pathet Lao Daily)

President Vladimir Putin has clinched victory in the 8th Russian presidential election, securing his continuous tenure over Russia until 2030. 

Russian nationals, including those residing in Laos, cast their ballots at polling stations set up by the embassies of the Russian Federation across the world for their presidential election. In Laos, the station was opened on 17 March in Vientiane.

This election, which lasted from 15 to 17 March, marked a key achievement for Russia as voters had the option to cast their ballots electronically for the first time. Online voting was made accessible in 29 regions, including Moscow, alongside traditional in-person voting at polling stations.

The polls featured four candidates, including the incumbent President Vladimir Putin, representing the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Russia’s New People Party (NL), and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF).

On the opening day of the election, March 15th, approximately 3.5 million people cast their ballots online, constituting 73 percent of the 4.76 million individuals registered for online voting.

The final results are scheduled to be announced at 22-23 hrs on March 17, 2024, Moscow time. Over 94,000 polling stations were established across Russia, with a total of 295 polling stations set up in 144 foreign countries worldwide.

A Lao delegation, led by Sanya Praseuth, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Laos, attended the Russian presidential elections as observers, according to the Russian Ambassador to Laos, Vladimir Kalinin.