Black Bear Cubs Rescued, Handed Over for Conservation

Black Bear Cubs Rescued, Handed Over for Conservation
Police and Free the Bear officials pose with the rescued black bear cubs (photo: Vientiane Capital Public Security)

Vientiane Capital’s public security rescued 16 black bear cubs from the Far Thai Microfinance Institution in Nongsanokham village, Sikhottabong district, on 17 March before handing over the animals to a local bear conservation organization.

The cubs were discovered in the building alongside four suspects who were reportedly caring for them. Without delay, the authorities transferred the bears to Free the Bear, an Australian non-profit wildlife charity dedicated to the conservation and treatment of moon bears. The organization operates across Laos, with its headquarters located in Luang Prabang.

The rescue operation was initiated by Sikhottabong’s district public security, who discovered the bears in the building. Concerned for the welfare of the cubs, they reached out to Free the Bear for assistance, as the authorities lacked the necessary facilities to provide suitable care. 

Chansamouth Chanthalungsone, the vice head of the environmental department under the Ministry of Public Security, stated that the origin of the rescued bear cubs remains unknown. He noted that the individuals who were caring for the bears prior to the authorities’ arrival were also unaware of their origins.

He emphasized the need to investigate the circumstances that led to the bears being housed in the Far Thai Microfinance Institution and to apprehend those responsible.

“We will make sure to find out how the bears ended up in this building [Far Thai Microfinance Institution] and then apprehend whoever is responsible for it,” said the officer.

The rescued bear cubs are now in the care of Free the Bear, where they will receive the necessary treatment before being released back into their natural habitat. 

He expressed the organization’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of the bears, stating, “Our main priority is to make sure that the bears are well cared for as bears are conserved animals that have been with the country for a long time. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to protect them,” said Fa Dong Yang, the Animal Care Manager from Free the Bear.

This successful rescue operation highlights the importance of collaboration between authorities and wildlife conservation organizations in protecting and preserving Laos’s wildlife heritage.