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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Fortune Malls’ “Sport Mania Kids Sports Carnival” is about to open

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The adorable new rising star “CHOONSIK” is set to showcase his talents, leading a team of original characters to compete joyfully across four major venues. A highlight will be the highly popular 5-meter-tall inflatable CHOONSIK trophy making its grand appearance.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 2 July 2024 – In the summer of 2024, the world’s attention will be focused on the highly anticipated Paris Olympics that occurs every four years, with daily trending topics revolving around the thrilling competitions. Fortune Malls is fully engaged, offering robust support to athletes by inviting the beloved Korean icon from Kakao Friends, the popular rising star CHOONSIK the Stray Cat, to lead the original characters: RYAN, APEACH, MIZO, CON, TUBE, NEO, FRODO, and JAY G, as they come together to serve as playful coaches and train CHOONSIK, the promising new talent.

Fortune Malls'
Fortune Malls’ “Sport Mania Kids Sports Carnival” is about to open

From July 6 to October 20, 2024, Fortune Malls will present the Fortune Malls x Kakao Friends “Sport Mania Kids Sports Carnival.” The original Kakao Friends characters are determined to groom CHOONSIK into a sports superstar, embarking on comprehensive training across Fortune Malls’ four major venues, which include: The “Cutest Track and Field” at Ma On Shan Plaza, The “Adorable Fencing and Gymnastics Arena” at +WOO Tin Shui Wai, The “Swim-cute Aquatic Competition” at Fortune Metropolis Hung Hom, and The “Cute Tennis and Table Tennis Battle” at Fortune City One. To infuse the spirit of “cuteness in motion” into everyday life and mark the grand occasion, the opening ceremony of the Fortune Malls x Kakao Friends “Sport Mania Kids Sports Carnival” is scheduled for July 6. The event will feature special performances by energetic runner Bao Qi from ERROR and the singer-songwriter girl group Beanies. In addition to musical performances, everyone is warmly invited to participate in the “Cute Sports” activities. Ready? Get set, Go!

Ma On Shan Plaza – Kakao Friends “Cutest Track and Field” Arena

The highly anticipated track and field event, “Kakao Friends Cutest Track and Field Arena,” has captured the world’s attention. A series of exciting moments unfold on the grassy track, with brightly colored stands, fluttering flags, and the Kakao Friends characters on the edge of their seats, creating a tense atmosphere. In the distance, the 5-meter-tall CHOONSIK trophy makes its impressive appearance, cheering on the athletes. Below the podium, the recently awarded silver medalist RYAN is jubilant, raising his arms in celebration. At the sandpit ahead, the adorable long jump athlete CHOONSIK achieves remarkable results with his small yet powerful legs. On the left, the cute TUBE sits beside the five-colored rings symbolizing fair competition regardless of race, ready to take photos with the audience. Back in the stands, a giant screen prepares the final interactive game, “Cute Hurdle Sprinter.” By following Fortune Malls on Facebook and Instagram, participants can join the hurdle race, capture their heroic moments, and download digital versions of their photos. Come and test your sprinter potential!

Location: L2 Atrium, Ma On Shan Plaza (Exit A, MTR Ma On Shan Station)

+WOO Tuen Mun – Kakao Friends “Adorable Fencing and Gymnastics Arena”

Designed with numerous eye-catching circular elements, the venue features a giant inflatable CHOONSIK hanging from two rings, making it clear that this arena is dedicated to gymnastics. TUBE lies on the pommel horse, imagining how to perform a Thomas flare with duck feet. On the other side, APEACH demonstrates a double arm giant swing using its large cheeks for balance. RYAN and his adopted friend CHOONSIK perform high-difficulty dance moves on the parallel bars, potentially inspiring the inclusion of “synchronized parallel bar dance” in future international sports events. In recent years, Hong Kong has excelled in fencing, which is also showcased in this indoor arena. Dressed in a bunny suit, MUZI attacks with precise and swift fencing moves, while CON sits on the vault, encouraging the athletes to achieve outstanding results in various disciplines.

Location: Ground Floor Atrium, +WOO Phase 1 (Light Rail Ginza Station, transfer at MTR Tin Shui Wai Station)

Fortune Metropolis – Kakao Friends “Swim-cute Aquatic Competition”

Located near Victoria Harbour, Fortune Metropolis in Hung Hom features a water activities-themed venue. The refreshing color scheme of the bubble wall complements the multi-layered pink diving platform. RYAN lies in the pool, acting as the judge to ensure that divers make a splash-free entry, while CHOONSIK the kitten accompanies him, learning the correct techniques for various sports. Feel free to take photos amid the splashes. Looking back, NEO and APEACH are constantly practicing on the diving platform, striving to display the most graceful poses. Representing windsurfing, FRODO, with a sunny smile, signifies our confidence in victory.

Location: Fortune Metropolis, Hung Hom

On the left side, there’s a new addition to this sports event—surfing. MIZU, sporting eye-catching sunglasses, invites everyone to hop on his surfboard and ride the waves together.

Location: L7 Atrium, Fortune Metropolis (Exit C2, MTR Hung Hom Station)

Fortune City One – Kakao Friends “Cute Tennis and Ping Pong Battle”

Fortune City One in Sha Tin brings together two of Hong Kong’s most popular racket sports—tennis and table tennis. Under the spotlight, the courts are divided with blue and green colors on either side. Iconic tennis and ping pong paddles stand tall in the background. RYAN strikes an adorable yet cool pose on the left green court, preparing to receive a shot. TUBE sits in the referee’s chair, sipping an energy drink while squinting at the ball’s landing point. On the right, a standing ping pong paddle features CHOONSIK with sparkling eyes, charming the entire audience and potentially unsettling his opponents. At the front, anyone can challenge CHOONSIK at the ping pong table or showcase their best poses. Reserved seating near the scoreboard is available for Kakao Friends fans to watch APEACH, FRODO, and MIZU in the audience, their serious expressions a delightful contrast to their usual lively personalities, making them all the more endearing.

Location: Ground Floor Atrium, Fortune City One (Exit C, MTR City One Station)

About Kakao Friends

“Kakao Friends” are characters from the Korean KakaoTalk emoticons, making their debut in South Korea at the end of 2012. These imaginative and humanized characters each have their own strengths and weaknesses, including: RYAN, the lion without a mane; APEACH, who is sweet at times but loves to cause mischief; MIZU, a pickled radish who gains confidence only in a bunny suit; CON, the mysterious green mini-crocodile who adopted MIZU; Jay-G, the hip-hop-loving mole; TUBE, the timid duck who bursts into rage when frightened; the only officially recognized couple, the wealthy dog FRODO and the confident, fashionable NEO; and the latest addition, CHOONSIK, the stray cat adopted by RYAN, who quickly rose to fame in Korea.

CHOONSIK has become a sensation, especially with his dance Reels and humorous mini-comics on Instagram, capturing hearts with his cuteness and wit. Over the years, Kakao Friends have amassed fans worldwide. Nearly 12 years since their debut, they continue to charm countless fans with their humor, occasional heartwarming stories, and adorable merchandise.

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