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Conference Boosts Big Data Use

The use of core information technology, which provides results in terms of innovation, is being discussed by experts in these fields who are meeting in Vientiane this week.

The IT and technology experts are meeting for the 3rd International Conference on Big Data Applications and Services (BIGDAS-L) running from December 20 to 23.

The Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology at the NUOL’s Faculty of Engineering, in cooperation with the Big Data Research Institute of Chungbuk National University, is organising the conference.

Power to change the world, Big Data is the main topic of discussion during the conference. Information technology experts from Cambodia, Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Laos are attending the conference to share their information technology experience and ideas.

In his opening remarks at the conference yesterday, President of the Korean Big Data Society, Mr Jooyeon Lee reminded participants about big data as a core technology, which he said provides innovative solutions in many fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, and social life.

The aim of big data is to present innovative results, encourage academic and industrial interaction, and promote collaborative research in big data and digital management worldwide, Mr Lee said.

Eight technical sessions and one workshop session have taken place at the conference at the venues of Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel, and the NUOL. The topics of technical sessions include big data models and algorithms, big data architecture, big data applications, big data security, big data visualisation, big data for public sector, big data in business, and big data in industry.

The ability to connect, not just with data scientists and technologists, but also business people, is really going to make big data go mainstream for decision-making.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering under the NUOL, Prof. Dr Boualinh Soysouvanh said it was essential to bring together experts in the field of big data application services so that they can realise the potential of big data together.

In his address at the ceremony, the NUOL’s Vice President Assoc. Prof. Dr Oudom Phonekhampheng noted the conference as a good venue and opportunity.

According to the conference organising committee, many high quality papers were accepted at the BIGAS-L, which have been presented in oral and poster sessions.

The committee expected that the publication of the conference will be a cornerstone for further related research and technology improvements in the field of big data.


Source: Vientiane Times

KOICA Holds Conference on World Friends Korea Volunteers

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) on Friday held a conference for host organisations in Laos on improving the World Friends Korea (WFK) volunteer programme.

KOICA arranged the conference on its volunteer programme in Laos for 40 local participants from partner organisations including schools, provincial planning and investment and health departments as well as the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

The conference aimed to review and evaluate KOICA’s volunteer programme with volunteer-related organisations and enhance effectiveness by sharing the best practices and creative ideas of the WFK volunteer programme, according to a press statement from the KOICA Lao PDR Office.

This meeting provided a platform to discuss various issues to promote better policies and effective implementation of the volunteer mobilisation policy. Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Laos, Mr Yun Kang-Hyeon, emphasised the importance of cooperation between Laos and the Republic of Korea in his opening remarks.

It is expected the relationship between both countries will be closer through the WFK volunteer programme. And this meeting will help participants gain mutual understanding to achieve goals, he said.

The WFK volunteer programme is designed by KOICA to make practical contributions to socio-economic and human resource development in 44 partner countries through dispatching qualified Korean volunteers as well as sharing expertise, knowledge, and experiences.

Since Laos and Korea agreed upon the WFK volunteer programme in 2000, some 360 WFK volunteers have accomplished humanitarian missions in the significant fields of healthcare, computer education, tourism and nursing for a period of two years. Currently 56 WFK volunteers are working in nine provinces of Laos. In 2009, the Korean government consolidated overseas volunteer programmes provided by six different government agencies into a single brand. This government initiative gave birth to World Friends Korea, Korean integrated overseas volunteer programmes. As Korea’s iconic participatory development cooperation programme, World Friends Korea has deployed 20,000 overseas volunteers to partner countries from 2009 to 2014.

Currently, World Friends Korea is operating a wide range of volunteer programmes to engage high school graduates to retirees.


Source: Vientiane Times

UK-ASEAN Conference Highlights Value of Innovation

Higher education is the main driver in a knowledge-based economy and universities play a major role in creating a skilled labour force capable of using effective modern communication technologies and results from research.

Minister of Education and Sports Ms Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun highlighted the importance of universities in her opening remarks at the first UK-ASEAN Innovation Conference, held in Vientiane from October 25-26.

The conference also marked the 20th anniversary of the National University of Laos and the 50th anniversary of Aston University in the United Kingdom.

Ms Sengdeuane, who chaired the meeting, said the conference would not only offer many opportunities to establish new collaboration and initiatives in higher education, but would also widen and deepen the academic ties and cooperation between universities in ASEAN member states, the UK and other countries.

These areas are interlinked with educational practices. If we take a look at the conference programme, we will agree that this conference is going to be busy and productive, she said.

The gathering brought together academic scientists, researchers, scholars, innovators and policy makers from across ASEAN, Republic of Korea, the US, UK, Australia and the EU, to exchange and share their knowledge, experiences and research results regarding all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The conference focused on research issues, new developments, and practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as emerging issues of this field in the ASEAN region.

The forum created a platform for policy makers, administrators, scholars, and researchers to present research findings and share expertise and experiences in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development, technology management and intellectual property.

Acting President of the National University of Laos Prof. Dr Somsy Nhophanxay said the meeting would help to forge strong academic ties and cooperation and deepen mutual understanding among academia, scholars, researchers, partners and parties in the fields of innovation.

I am positive and certain that more research findings as well as issues and challenges in our research cooperation in the area of innovation shared and presented by the presenters and representatives will be analysed and discussed, he said.

Attendees heard the latest research on how best to develop and commercialise opportunities and diffuse innovation in a rapidly developing market environment.

The conference also explored new linkages between innovation and regional and national economic development, the institutional, political and economic conditions for driving national innovation as well as strategies for innovation at the micro level.


Source: Vientiane Times

Lao Delegation Attends World Tourism Conference

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara led a delegation in attending the UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and Sports in Da Nang, Vietnam last week.