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Honors Aplenty: Lao Trio’s Diverse Contributions At Home, Abroad Attract Gongs from Japan

Laos' trio Madame Chantasone Inthavong, Mr Somphou Douangsavanh and Ms Alexandra Bounxouei

It’s been nothing if not an eventful week or so for three Lao citizens who have made their own very distinctive contributions in diverse efforts and fields, strengthening the cultural links and future prospects for people in landlocked Laos and on the Japanese archipelago alike.

Likely the most well-known of the trio among the general public, popular songstress Alexandra Bounxouei (Sandra) was the first of the three to collect home her recognition.

According to her profile, Sandra has been a regular visitor to Japan and been performing in collaboration with Japanese artists since the early 2000s and acted as a goodwill ambassador for educational projects and organizations such as  JICA (Japan International Corporation Association) and PSI (Population Service International), Unicef, WPO and many more.

The multilingual vocalist, violinist and voice actor, studying a PhD in Media Design at Tokyo’s Keio University took home a Foreign Ministers’ award that was presented in Vientiane by Japan’s Ambassador to Laos, Takeshi Hikihara.

The next in line to be honoured was Madame Chantasone Inthavong, who received a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Award in Tokyo from JICA president Mr Shinichi Kitaoka.

Chantasone Inthavong

Laos’ Madame Chantasone Inthavong receives JICA President Award from Shinichi Kitaoka.

Madame Chantasone is a Japan-based textile expert and founder of the establishment of the Houey Hong Vocational & Training Centre, keeping the skills and spirit of Laos’ valuable textile culture alive in their hands of the up and coming generations.

She is also instrumental in the NGO Action with Lao Children that helps to provide books and educational materials to schools and their students in need in Laos.

Last but not certainly least, the third and final awardee Dr Somphou Douangsavanh, a long-serving representative of Laos’ National Assembly.

The Chairman of the NA’s Cultural and Social Committee, Dr Somphou was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun’s Gold and Silver Stars.

The Gold and Silver Stars are the second highest in the Order of the Rising Sun and is typically conferred upon prominent academics, politicians and military officers from both Japan and abroad.

The Order of the Rising Sun was established following Japan’s modernizing Meiji Era by the famed Emperor himself all the way back in 1875, and was known as the Imperial Order of Meiji before its renaming.

Mr Somphou was born in Xieng Khuang Province in 1954. He served as the President of the Lao-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Association between 2011 and 2016.

During his tenure as President of the Lao-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Association, Mr Somphou Douangsavanh was said to have made “invaluable contributions to the fruitful cooperation between the two countries through, among others, active exchanges with numerous members of the Japanese parliament”.

His award ceremony was attended by current President of the Laos-Japan Friendship Association, Ms Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun, who also serves as Minister of Education and Sports.

Mr Somphou Douangsavanh

Laos’ Mr Somphou Douangsavanh awarded by Japan’s Ambassador to Laos, Mr Takeshi Hikihara.

Mr Somphou Douangsavanh

Mr Somphou Douangsavanh

No Stop To Rising Fuel Prices in Laos

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced a fuel price increase across the country to match the rise in fuel prices on the world market, to take effect from yesterday.

This is the second fuel price hike this month, with the first occurring on December 15.

In Vientiane the cost of premium grade petrol has increased to 8,620 kip per litre, regular petrol is now 7,620 kip a litre, and diesel is 6,660 kip a litre.

In Phongsaly province, the price of regular petrol is now 8,350 kip a litre, while diesel has increased to 7,390 kip.

In Luang Namtha province, the price of regular petrol has increased to 7,980 kip with diesel increasing to 7,020 kip.

In Oudomxay province, regular petrol will now cost motorists 8,070 kip a litre and diesel 7,110 kip a litre.

In Bokeo province, the cost of premium grade petrol is now 8,720 kip, while regular petrol is 7,720 kip, and diesel 6,760 kip a litre.

In Luang Prabang province, the cost of premium grade petrol has increased to 9,080 kip a litre, regular petrol is now 8,080 kip, and diesel has increased to 7,120 kip a litre.

In Huaphan and Xayaboury provinces, the price of regular petrol is now 8,020 kip while diesel has jumped to 7,060 kip a litre.

In Xieng Khuang province, the price of regular petrol has increased to 7,810 kip with diesel now costing 6,850 kip a litre.

In Vientiane province, the pump price of premium grade petrol is now 8,620 kip a litre, while regular is 7,620 kip, and diesel 6,660 kip a litre.

In Borikhamxay province, the price of petrol has increased to 7,740 kip and diesel is now 6,780 kip a litre.

In Khammuan and Savannakhet provinces, the cost of a litre of premium grade petrol has jumped to 8,650 kip, while regular petrol is now 7,650 kip, and diesel is 6,690 kip a litre.

In Saravan province, regular petrol is now 7,830 kip a litre with diesel costing 6,870 kip.

In Champassak province, the price of premium is 8,680 kip a litre, regular petrol is 7,680 kip, and diesel 6,720 kip a litre.

In Xekong, Attapeu, and Xaysomboun provinces, the price of regular petrol has increased to 7,860 kip a litre and diesel now costs 6,900 kip a litre.

Source: Vientiane Times

Rising Star May Quit Lao Entertainment Scene

Sports star and fashion model Phongsathong Vongthavone, better known as Willy, may leave the Lao entertainment world once and for all to pursue his family business aspirations.

Phongsathone told Vientiane Times on Thursday that he now is helping his parents with their business after graduating from Rattana Business Administration College.

The schedule does not match the many entertainment events he must attend.

The reason that he did not attend several recent events was so he could travel to neighbouring countries as part of his family’s business.

He thanks everyone that gave him the chance to work in the Lao entertainment industry. He especially enjoyed being a fashion model to promote the Lao fashion industry and also to promote sports such as badminton.

Phongsathone graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Rattana Business Administration College and did further training in Business English at HoaQiao University in China.

He has participated in badminton competitions both in Laos and overseas, winning several gold medals. He also got a scholarship from the Lao government to study with the Badminton World Federation as a trainer so he could learn more and help develop the sport in Laos.


Source: Vientiane Times

Beware of a Rising Mekong This Month

People who live along the Mekong River across the country should be aware of possible rising water levels this month and other severe conditions due to continued rains and isolated heavy rains.