Television Show Provides Fun, Education for Children


Children between 3-6 years old can now learn fundamental developmental skills such as physical, mental, social and mood development,

through the Early Childhood Development (ECD) TV programme called “My Village”.

The programme broadcasts every Sunday on Lao National Television on channel 3 from 6:45-7am and on Lao Star Channel from 7:45-8am.

It is also aired on Public Security Television, Lao TV 5 and MV Lao and has become an instant success throughout the country.

The programme is produced by the ministries of Information, Culture and Tourism and Education and Sports with support from the Swedish H&M Company through UNICEF Laos.

The initiative aims to broadcast the programme across the country, especially in local communities and in rural and remote areas, to provide children with both entertainment and education. UNICEF Laos Communication Specialist Mr. Tabongphet Phouthavong told Vientiane Times yesterday the overarching goal of the programme is to create a series for young children that models a child’s love of and willingness to learn.

“The series helps to prepare children for school and life through a range of skills that addresses their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and to build capacity and child and youth participation in all aspects of the production,” he said.

The programme is also useful for parents who want to teach their children at home but are usually overburdened with chores.

Parents who do not have enough time to teach their children at home or do not have enough money to enroll their children at kindergartens and pre-schools can motivate their children to follow the series on televisions, YouTube and Facebook.

The child-oriented programme runs for three seasons with the first season consisting of 15 episodes broadcast in 2013, and the second and third seasons comprising eight episodes each.

The television series has gained significant acclamation and is supplemented with storytelling, educational songs, and music videos as well as live action.

The “My Village” series is part of a nationwide strategy to strengthen and support Early Childhood Development initiatives for young children in the country.

It is the first holistic, interactive and inclusive Lao television series designed specifically for and with young children. Season One of ECD TV was launched in 2013 while Season Two was made available in 2014.


Source: Vientiane Times