Laos, Vietnam Exchange Ideas on Female Progress


The Lao Women’s Union and Vietnamese Women’s Union met in Vientiane recently to promote women’s development and to upgrade the lives of those lacking opportunities in both countries.

Former Head of the Central Party Committee, former President of the Vietnamese Women’s Union, and Head of the Delegation Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa along with members of the Vietnamese Women’s Union are visiting Laos from July 25-29 and met President of the Lao Women’s Union DrInlavanh Keobounphanh and committee members of the union.

At their meeting both organisations exchanged experiences and various skills to forward women’s and children’s development project in Laos.

Members of the Lao Women’s Union learned useful lessons from their Vietnamese counterparts such as in women’s development, vocational training and creating job opportunities for women.

The Lao organisation also studied funding methods for development which can be used to reduce poverty amongst women.

The Vietnamese Women’s Union focused on assisting women who lacked opportunities to escape from poverty and these lessons would be used in women’s and children’s development plans in Laos, according to the Lao Women’s Union.

The Lao Women’s Union committee also detailed its plans for 2016-2020 which focused on several development programmes to promote gender rights.

The main programmes include human resource development for females, strengthening the women’s union, promoting vocations and businesses for women, protecting women’s and children’s rights, as well as promoting female progress and gender equality rights.

Source: Vientiane Times