Lao Entertainer to Release New MV


Buratino is preparing to produce a music video (MV) for ‘Hoixamphaenkao’ after the song proved popular among listeners last year with more than 70,000 views so far.

The MV is expected to be available in various media channels by the end of August. It is believed this song will help the public to get to know more about Buratino, the man with many abilities. This includes working on the frontlines of the entertainment scene.

Buratino, Manager of BN Entertainment Company, has played a part in the succes s of many popular singers in Laos. He has also released a string of popular hit singles.

‘Hoixamphaenkao’ will be produced with a full MV to make sure that everyone gets lots of exposure to the song. Three well known artists will perform in the MV, including male model Toto, MC and artist Mr Tobee, and a female model, Ms Katty.

The describes the love relationship between a man and a woman that took place many years ago but remains firmly fixed in their memories.

Source: Vientiane Times