Medals Awarded to Fallen Vietnamese Military Experts and Volunteer Soldiers


Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Thongsavanh Phomvihane, on behalf of the Lao government, awarded First Class Medals of Freedom to representatives of the late Vietnamese military expert and volunteer soldier Pham Ngoc Bon (also known as Kham Yod) and Nguyen Ton in recognition of their physical and mental contributions to the cause for national liberation in Laos.

The Vietnamese expert and volunteer soldier served his military mission in Phiengsa-Lao Houng, Xiengkhor district, Huaphan Province and worked side by side with Lao soldiers and others in the war against the invasion of colonial powers.

The awards were presented in the presence of Vice Chairman of Son La Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Quoc Khanh, representatives of Vietnam’s Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Vietnam’s National Volunteer Soldiers and Military Experts Coordinating Committee.

The awards ceremony aimed to enhance the friendly relations, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, governments and people of Laos and Vietnam.

Source: KPL