Naxaithong District Announces Anti-littering Measures


Naxaithong district authority recently announced that it is forbidding the burning and disposal of garbage along highway No.13 North, and the roads through Naxaithong district, as well as in public spaces and communities.

The pasting of advertising signs on trees, electricity poles and other places is also prohibited. According to Vientiane Mai newspaper, residents and businesses must agree to dispose of waste via the Vientiane Urban Development and Administration Authority (VUDAA), and officials must inspect and improve the agreement again. Vehicles passing through Naxaithong district must have garbage bins and travellers must only use toilets at petrol stations.
Local people who consent but violate the agreement will be warned and
fined between 500,000-3,000,000 kip per time, with 60 percent of money received from fines going to village authorities and 40 percent funding district development.


Source: Vientiane Times