Charity Modeling Contest to Raise Money For School Libraries


First Modeling Lao and the Ja i Houam Jai volunteer team will hold their First Modeling Charity Contest on August 6 in support of building libraries for two schools in Vientiane and Borikhamxay provinces.

A press conference to publicly announce the project and charity event was held at the Vientiane Center on Monday, featuring members of First Modeling Lao, project sponsors and the Lao Journalists’ Association.

Vice President of the Lao Journalists’ Association, Mr Somsanouk Mixay, addressed the crowd, urging people to donate to the library project, saying it was a good cause and would benefit disadvantaged children.

Jai Houam Jai volunteer team leader and founder of First Modeling Lao, Mr Viengsamone Chittalath, said the First Modeling Charity Contest will take place on August 6 at the Vientiane Center.

The event will also select an ambassador for Jai Houam Jai, who will promote the team’s volunteer work as well as raise money to support the two schools.

Mr Viengsamone said the event will feature various activities such as the charity fashion show, and book donation booths, where people can bring old or new books as well as other useful items such as school supplies, to be given to schoolchildren in the provinces.

Jai Houam Jai t-shirts, wristbands and other handmade products will also be available.

Besides promoting the spirit of volunteering, the event would like to encourage young people to showcase their abilities and talents through volunteering.

The Jai Houam Jai Volunteer Team will continue to accept donations for the project until the end of November.

First Modeling Lao representatives Mr Big and Ms Nee said the initiative is a charity project and the money raised by these activities will go directly to support the building of libraries for the two schools. The public can follow any updates on the activities or news by joining the Facebook fan page, Jaihouamjai or Hand in Hand.

Source: Vientiane Times