66th Media Day Marked


Several hundreds of editors and senior journalists representing print and electronic media organizations, both state and private run, gathered at the National Culture Hall to commemorate the 66th Anniversary of Media and Printing-Distribution Day.

“August 13 is a day of importance for warriors in media industry, journalists, publishers and distributors, and the Lao multi-ethnic people as the Law on Media and Law on Printing and Distribution have designated today as National Day for Media, Printing and Distributing,” said Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bosengkham Vongdara.

There are 127 newspapers and magazines including 27 newspapers. These include 11 daily newspapers. The number of print media has increased by 30 over the past five years. In broadcast media, there are 63 radio stations, an increase of 20 when compared to 2011. Radio broadcast coverage reaches 90 per cent of national territory.

The number of television stations is 37, an increase of five when compared to 2011. TV broadcast coverage reaches 80% of national territory.

Also shared and discussed at the meeting were remitted access to information, mostly print media, in some provinces, media abuse and media ethics issues.

Source: KPL