Mini Angel to Release New Single


DJ Mini Angel has produced a new single called ‘ Thevadafa-euy ‘ this month after she introduced the successful single‘Khoybormannangfa’ a few years ago when many people had been following her on Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

Thevadafa-euy ‘ will be well promoted for Mini Angel to remain one of many quality singers found at the TK Sound Lao Company.

The song is described as slow and talks about honesty and the love of a woman for her man but after many years have passed, the love among them is blocked causing the song’s heroine to yell out ‘ thevadafa-euy ‘.

The lyrics directly translate as “Why does my love always face hopelessness? Why does my love always face a broken heart? Are there any men that I can spend the rest of my life and heart with? Why does the angel not stay by my side?”

People who want to listen to more details, please follow Mini Angel through the YouTube, Facebook, and fanpage of TK Sound Lao or they can call to request to listen on certain radio programmes.

Source: Vientiane Times