Handicraft Sector Needs to Increase Understanding of Silk Production


The Lao Handicrafts Association (LHA) needs to increase the understanding and importance of sericulture to local people so they can support the sector further, according to an official.

President of the Lao Handicrafts Association, Mr. Hansana Sisane spoke on the issue on Monday in Hadxaifong district, Vientiane at a training course on sericulture skills as part of the Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training project.

“We are now worried about sericulture for Lao Handicrafts businesses in Laos because the demand for silk in the country continues to increase each year but the number of local people actually rearing silkworms has decreased,” Mr. Hansana siad.

In response, the LHA’s policy to support sustainable sericulture aims to respond to production needs in the country by ensuring the long term viability of silk businesses.

During the training course participants exchanged knowledge and ideas on sericulture. As part of this project, communities were required to implement a viable and sustainable sericulture management model allowing villagers to earn more income from silk production for sale to markets, he said.

He explained the LHA was continuing to promote Lao Handicrafts at home and abroad while tackling the issue of sericulture preservation in the country by encouraging silk production at the local level.

While Lao handicrafts are proving popular with domestic and international customers alike some weavers have sought out imported silk when the local raw product is in short supply.

Source: Vientiane Times