Fire Destroys Two-story House on Temple Grounds in Savannakhet


A two-story house at the Huameuang Tai temple in Kaysone Phomvihane district, Savannakhet province has been destroyed by fire but no causalities have been reported.

The fire occurred at around 11pm on Wednesday, engulfing the entire roof of the structure before quickly spreading to the rest of the house.

Even though firefighters, a Rescue Team and residents tried valiantly to stem the flames, the fire quickly erupted into a major blaze.

Two fire trucks from the provincial Firefighting Police Department took about two hours to finally extinguish the fire.

The house was used by nuns at the temple as both a dwelling and a place of worship but fortunately they were not present when the blaze took hold.

Fire fighting and prevention police are still investigating the cause of the fire, while the value of the goods stored inside the house has not yet been calculated.

“This was the first incident of fire in the province this month that we could not extinguish before the fire spread uncontrollably,” said Mr. Boutdy Bouphalaty from provincial Rescue Team.

The Rescue Team reminds people that a fire can occur at any time and can be caused by an electrical fault, lighted candles, a failure to check electrical devices and appliances before leaving the house, garbage burning, and children lighting fires in the home.

“We are now monitoring possible incidents closely at shops, houses and temples due to it being the period of Buddhist Lent when people like to light candles for worshiping the spirit.” Mr. Boutdy said.

“In addition, we are watching out for road accidents and other possible disasters during the rainy season as well,” he added.

Mr. Boutdy suggested that members of the public should be vigilant and taking extra care in preventing fires themselves.

Source: Vientiane Times