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Village Devastated by Fire in Xieng Khouang Province

Fire destroys homes in xieng khouang

32 homes have been destroyed in Xieng Khouang Province after a fire broke out, believed to be caused by an electrical problem.

The fire, the biggest recorded this year, began at around four o’clock on Monday evening in Sanfaen Village, and quickly spread from house to house due to strong …

Landfill Fire Almost Out, Residents Affected by Toxic Smoke

Landfill Fire Almost Out

The fire that consumed the Vientiane Capital landfill at KM32, Phasouk Village in Xaythany District has been almost completely extinguished, however nearby residents have been affected by toxic smoke.

Mr Chanthala Inthalangsy, Xaythany District Governor and head of the committee responsible for dealing with the landfill fire stated in a …

Fire at Vientiane Capital KM32 Landfill Site

Vientiane Landfill Fire

A fire broke out at the Vientiane Capital’s KM 32 landfill site last Sunday, spreading rapidly and releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere.…

World Trade Center Fire Caused by Welding Accident

WTC Fire

A fire that broke out at the construction site of the World Trade Center in Nongchanh Village, Vientiane Capital, was caused by a welding accident, according to local news sources.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of 3 December, causing widespread panic as shoppers at the nearby Vientiane Center mall …

Sang Jiang ‘Overdue for Demolition,’ Says Owner

Sang Jiang Overdue for Demolition

A fire that razed the Sang Jiang Chinese market to the ground last Friday evening has shocked the city of Vientiane Capital.

Meanwhile, the construction of a new and modern Sang Jiang shopping center directly adjacent to the existing market has raised questions among the population regarding the cause of …

The Aftermath of the Sang Jiang Market Fire

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In the aftermath of the Sang Jiang fire, it is clear that the destruction of the Chinese market has been total and indiscriminate. It is not yet confirmed whether anyone has been injured, but sources report that there have been no casualties.

The cause of the fire at Sang Jiang is …

Fire Demolishes House in Xaysettha

A house in Somsanga village, Xaysettha district, Vientiane was engulfed in flames on Monday night sparked by the owner lighting candles to mark the end of Buddhist Lent.

Laos Orders Fire Trucks from China

The government recently ordered 50 fire trucks from China, which are expected to be distributed to fire prevention and protection teams in urban and rural areas wherever they are needed.