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Party Secretary General Stresses Streamlined Govt

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Party Secretary General Bounnhang Vorachit has stressed that all Party and government bodies and agencies be restructured from now into streamlined units that have appropriate jobs and clear roles and duties in order to drive development.

Mr. Bounnhang, who is also the country’s President, made mention about the actual issues in his address at the tenth meeting on personnel-organisational affairs which ended in Vientiane yesterday, stressing the need for change to ensure all government bodies function in line with government policies and regulations.

Vice President Phankham Viphavanh, Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, other high ranking officials, and personnel-organisational heads from throughout the country were in attendance.

President Bounnhang said From now onwards, we have to restructure the organisational bodies and agencies, ensuring that they will not be big but have appropriate jobs, clear roles and duties.

He noted the complication and confusion in personnel-organisational structure was one of the main hindrances of socio-economic development in the past years, which has also provided loopholes for undesirable conduct throughout the political system in the country, which he said impacted on the public’s regard for the whole of the Party.

Mr. Bounnhang pointed to the creation of jobs which he said were not necessary in the public sector, which has led to unclear roles and responsibilities followed by ineffective and non-quality works.

The president has stressed the need for better and smoother mechanisms to be constructed to drive development in line with the Party direction and government policy and rules, ensuring effectiveness in addressing the shortcomings.

He stressed the importance of mechanisms to boost transparency and accountability, the sincerity of public services, and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.

Mr. Bounnhang pointed out some aspects of recruitment in the public sector, suggesting limiting the number of jobs and personnel working within administrative bodies by installing appropriate systems for modernisation, saying that although it will be difficult it still needs to be done. Increasing the number of research personnel or those in the business sector should be done alongside reducing those in administrative bodies, according to the president, in order to prevent unemployment.

Seriousness should be applied at all levels of development so there should be support for all personnel including at the grass roots through the provision of appropriate allowances and other welfare, he said.

There also should be a trial of tests for civil servants, leaders and managers for some necessary administrative and expert sectors, Party Secretary General Bounnhang suggested, as this would attract self-development of civil servants, and real and capable officials would be received though this process. Meanwhile, President Bounnhang noted the importance of building proper understanding and consensus among civil servants, officials and Party members about this process, stressing that core officials and Party members at all levels must be models of good practice and objectivity, avoiding practices that support nepotism.

People who work for the personnel-organisational sector should be honest, fair, unbiased, and working transparently, the president said.

Source: Vientiane Times

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