Monk Dies From Knife Wound in Borikhamxay


An abbot monk of Pab temple in Khamkeuth district, Borikhamxay province was found critically injured inside his quarters on Monday morning with a knife wound to his throat.

Villagers and authorities rushed Monk Chansai, 76, to Km 20 Hospital in Borikhamxay province but he later died from his injuries.

Police in charge from Khamkeuth district told Vientiane Times yesterday that on Monday morning villagers and novices forced their way into the abbot’s bedroom at Pab temple after he did not come out to have breakfast.

They found the monk had sustained critical injuries and a knife nearby.

Police in charge said initial investigations suggested the incident happened late Sunday night and was an act of suicide as there was no sign of a struggle in the room.

The police investigation is continuing with many people distressed in Borkhamxay province about the death of Monk Chansai because he was so well known and respected throughout the province not only in Pab village.

However, many social media users have speculated about the incident with some people suspecting the monk was robbed and murdered because of his position in the province.

But police in charge said the cause of the incident was still not certain at this stage and they would continue working on the case.

According to previous crime statistics, police reported the majority murders and major violent crimes around the country involved robbery as the main motive. Meanwhile, most criminals were involved with illegal drugs with the users having to feed their habits.

Source: Vientiane Times