Savannakhet to Issue Land Titles in Computer System


Savannakhet province will strive to issue land titles for some 12,000 land plots within the year after the province was selected to implement a pilot project for a computerised land measurement and registration system.

The Land Management Department under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment organised a training course on measurement and survey for land registration via computer systems for land management officials from the department and 15 districts of Savannakhet province, which is now underway.

Commencing on August 22 and running to September 9, the training is co-chaired by Land Management Department Director General Mr. Vongdeuan Sihalath and provincial Natural Resources and Environment Department Director Mr. Phouthorn Yotbounheuang. The Land Management Department selected Savannakhet and Champasak provinces to implement pilot projects for land measurement and registration in computer systems.

The training aims to ensure the system will be able to be put to effective use in the provinces before expansion to other parts of the country.

These provinces will possess mobile teams as well as skilled technical officials who can measure and issue land titles via the computer system, said Mr. Phouthorn in his opening remarks at the training course.

He said that during this course, trainees would learn about basic techniques on skills including measurement and surveying, preparatory procedures before land registration, how to launch a campaign, procedures and process of land titles issuance, use of printed forms, principles of land survey via GPS imaging and how to use and maintain equipment.

The trainees will have real practice in the district of Xaybouly by using GPS cameras in land measurement and surveying and recording land information on computer while installing a database to use in land registration and land right transference.

This training will help support the province to achieve land titles issuance for 12,000 plots as per the annual plan, of which the province has already achieved 70 percent over past nine months, Mr. Phouthone said.

It will also assist Xaybouly attain the status of model district in issuing land titles while improving the management of agriculture lands that contribute to food security plans, he said.

Source: Vientiane Times