More Golfers Attracted to Challenge Vientiane Courses


Golf is quickly gaining popularity across Laos amongst young and old alike with a good variety of courses and driving ranges in the capital available to test players’ abilities.Popular courses include Long Vien Golf Club, Lao Country Club, SEA Games Golf Club and Vientiane Golf Club while favourite driving ranges, include those at Donedeng village, Thongsangnang in Chanthabouly district and Samkhe village in Xaysettha district.

In the meantime, the Lao Golf Federation, government ministries and international organisations in Vientiane have been working together on a regular basis to hold tournaments to promote the sport while often raising money via charity events.

Vientiane Times gives you a rundown of the capital’s top courses with some inside help from the golf federation.

Long Vien Golf Club is 18 km from city centre located in Hadxaifong district with transfers from hotels available. The new Long Vien Golf Club features an impressive 27 holes (A9, B9 and C9), 170 golf carts, driving range, more than 200 amateur caddies to assist golfers, pro shop, VIP room and restaurant serving Asian food.

The club was established with Vietnamese investment and is ready to host visitors to Vientiane. The course has been used by the golf federation to host the Lao Open and other national events for local leaders and golfers. The federation is also keen to stage an international level event there in the future. A round of 18 is 600,000 to 700,000 kip.

Lao Country Club is 14km from the city centre on the road to the Friendship Bridge located in Hadxaifong district. The club’s course has been improved thanks to business investment from the Republic of Korea. Lao Country Club features 18 holes with good facilities, more than 100 amateur caddies, a small VIP room and a restaurant.

However, it doesn’t have a driving range or golf carts so you’ll get plenty of exercise. Cost: about 500,000 to 600,000 kip.

SEA Games Golf Club is 18 km from the heart of the capital located in Xaythany district. In 2009 the Lao Golf Federation held the golf event for the 25th SEA Games on the course. The club has more recently also received Korean investment.

It features 27 holes (A9, B9 and C9) with more than 100 amateur caddies, driving range, VIP room, pro shop, and restaurant. Cost: about 600,000 to 700,000 kip.

Mekong Golf Club (formerly Lao Inter Golf Club) is 28 km from the city centre at Champa village in Sikhottabong district. Established in 2012 with Korean investment the club’s picturesque 18 holes feature good views of the forest and surrounding Lao countryside. More than 40 caddies are available to assist and it’s not expensive with a round of 18 setting you back about 200,000 to 300,000 kip.

Vientiane Km6 Golf Club is as its name suggests 6km from the city centre at Nongnieng village in Xaysettha district (and not that far from the National Convention Centre). The 9-hole course is backed by Lao and Chinese investors, and is popular with local golfers. It features a restaurant and golfers will also get fit walking around the course.

The nation also features other good quality golf courses in LuangPrabang, Savannakhet, Champassak and Vientiane provinces.

Source: Vientiane Times