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Texin’s New Single Takes on a Korean Flavour

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Texin Vongthonkham recently launched his new single, Dorkfarkabmarvat , a love song composed by popular Lao songwriter Bounthom Phanthamaly.

The song tells the story of a poor and ugly boy who is in love with a beautiful and rich woman. He tries his best to please her and in the end wins her love through his sincerity and determination.

Texin was given the opportunity to lip sync the song while on vacation in Seoul, Republic of Korea, which influenced the song’s style, a combination of Lao and Korean pop music and helped him to build a fan base in Korea.

Texin Vongthong is a well known singer, managed by TK Sound Lao Entertainment, and has performed in Laos for many years. His previous, self composed, singles Seualay Saydiew and Faonarjorlorkhorkhuam gained him numerous fans and a strong following within the local music scene.

I am very happy with my new single. It’s special because the music is different from the usual Lao style and the song is meaningful. I am sure music lovers will like it. I would like to thank my fans for their support for my previous singles. I will try my best to produce new songs to serve society and music lovers. I have plans for a new single to be launched soon, he said.

Dorkfarkabmarvat was released at the end of August and can be heard on radio and YouTube and will air on Lao TV channels soon.

Source: Vientiane Times

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