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Tou Hero Joins Gala Dinner Concert to Welcome Asean Delegations

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Tou Hero, some of the singer’s friends and also performing artists from various departments under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism came together for a performance spectacular to entertain the ASEAN delegations during a gala dinner held on Wednesday night at the National Conference Hall.

Tou said he was especially proud to have the chance to join such a big event like this and help Laos to be a good host of the 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits, as well as promoting Lao culture and traditions and performing songs to welcome the ASEAN delegations.

He said he would like to thank all the Lao artists from various fields as well as those from the departments under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism for all their hard work in putting together a perfect cultural performance to welcome all the ASEAN guests.

The spectacular featured some ten cultural performances on the programme, as well as fashion shows and other performances.

A highlight was the group performance of the song Welcome to Laos, which showed on the stage at a special gala dinner on the night in front of the many high ranking officials and guests in attendance.

The group singing featured some 20 Lao performers in beautiful traditional costumes and dresses, and had been rehearsed regularly for more than two weeks prior.

The songs that featured in the concert were composed by Mr Bounphob Phengsanouvong, whose past songwriting credits include numbers for a previous ASEAN Summit, ASEM and the Oudomxay Games.

He was instrumental in putting together the grand show that saw 20 of Laos’ top singers assemble under the same roof for this very special occasion.

Throughout this show the performers had polished their routines to perfection. They included relative newcomers to the entertainment scene who had never taken part in such a prestigious event before and were very excited about their contribution for the ASEAN Summits.

Tou Hero said he felt the songs gained good interest and acceptance from the ASEAN delegations and other invited guests to the gala dinner and that the participating artists very much appreciated the chance to be able to perform at the ASEAN Summits and promote the cultural diversity of ASEAN to the world.

Another song ASEAN Community was unveiled for the delegations during the gala dinner on the first day held at Don Chan Palace, which also gained a good reception.

Tou Hero is now preparing his new track  Phit Wang Tung Toh Mai,  with the shooting of this music video story having already been completed and it is now in the editing process waiting for release.

This song is one of a number of songs he is composing and recording in preparation for an upcoming overseas tour.


Source: Vientiane Times

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