Laos Shares View on Cultural Values


Laos has been in adherence with the conservation of national cultural heritage alongside its efforts in economic development, through the success of which the people enjoy peace, political stability and a peaceful and orderly society.

Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr. Savankhone Razmountry shared the achievements of the country’s development at the 11th China-ASEAN Cultural Forum held in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Nanning on September 9.

He pointed out the requirement for greater care of the work in cultural fields in the midst of the rapid spread of globalisation, global integration, and information technology, which he said has had both positive and negative impacts on every country in the world.

“Although the national economy has seen steady growth, work in the cultural field requires greater care if we are to succeed, conserve and develop our traditional art forms alongside new cultures,” Mr. Savankhone said.

He pointed to the attention the government and the nation as a whole has paid to conserving and enhancing the valuable heritage and national culture, as well as advanced and popular characteristics.

The deputy minister made mention about the country as a nation in the Indochina peninsula, which he said had a centuries-old civilisation and culture and a population consisting of many ethnic groups with each of them having its unique traditions and culture, noting that the value of diverse and colourful arts and cultures of the ethnic groups have been promoted.

The traditional arts festivals, which have been organised across the country, cultural exchanges with many other countries, especially with all ASEAN member states and with China in the ASEAN-China cooperation frame-work, were mentioned by the deputy minister as promotional activities for Lao culture within the country and overseas.

It was noted that professional and amateur arts and cultural activities from the central to the grassroots levels have been encouraged in Laos.

Mr. Savankhone also told the forum about the government’s encouragement of promoting a families of culture and villages of culture throughout the country, as well as the country’s effort in protecting the two world heritage sites- Luang Prabang City and the Vat Phou Stone Palace in Champassak province.

Alongside the promotion measures, the deputy minister has noted the need for prevention of the spread of harmful and mixed cultures that undermine the fine traditions of the nation and those of the people of ethnic groups.

“We have attached great importance to cultural and arts education, and implemented the policies of the state, especially concerning cultural works in the new period,” Mr. Savankhone said.

The government is currently preparing a master plan to submit to UNESCO for enlisting the Plains of Jars in Xieng Khuang province as third world heritage site in the country, along with the stone forest in Khammuan province as Laos’ first world natural heritage site, the deputy minister noted at the forum.


Source: Vientiane Times