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Main Sponsor of Miss Laos 2016 Contest Revealed

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AirAsia was announced as the main sponsor of this year’s Miss Laos contest at a press conference held at TV Lao last week.

The event was chaired by the Manager of Corporation and Government Relations, Thai AirAsia, Mr. Krid Pattanasan, and attended by the TV Lao administration committee, other sponsors, and a large number of media organisations.

This is the first time that AirAsia has supported the contest.

In addition to sponsoring the event, AirAsia will offer a special prize for the contestant voted Miss Charming’. Both the contest winner and Miss Charming will be rewarded with special prizes such as free plane tickets.

Before the final round takes place, a team of cabin attendants from AirAsia will coach the contestants in physical appearance and presentation, so they are better able to project themselves on stage.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Krid Pattanasan talked about the airline’s sponsorship of the contest and explained the history of AirAsia and its tradition of supporting social activities.

He said he was very happy that AirAsia would be part of the Miss Laos 2016 contest because it was an important event for Laos.

AirAsia is supporting the contest because we realise the importance of promoting the Lao entertainment scene. We also want to recognise the beauty and charm of Lao women and their talents, he added. AirAsia has supported many social activities in Laos, but this is the first time we have been involved in this particular event. Of course, we are planning to continue our support next year.

AirAsia is the main sponsor for this year’s contest along with several Lao and international organisations and companies.

The annual Miss Laos contest serves to raise awareness among young people of the need to preserve Lao culture and encourage young women to display their beauty, character, knowledge, abilities, and special talents.

The Miss Laos title is seen as a badge of honour for Lao women nationwide and is something coveted by every woman. The event is also seen as a stepping stone to the day when the contest winner represents Laos on the regional and international stages.

The winner will be a cultural ambassador during visits to foreign countries. She will also take part in cultural events and activities around the country that benefit society at large.

She will carry out her duties for one year, both in Laos and other countries.

This year’s contest is being organised in collaboration with TV Lao and the Lao People’s Revolutionary Youth Union.


Source: Vientiane Times

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