Bus Enterprise to Serve Passengers Better


Vientiane Capital State Bus Enterprise (VCSBE) is expected to serve passengers better and become more user-friendly and convenient.

VCSBE aims to increase the number of its passengers and encourage more people to use public transportation to ease traffic problems in the capital.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been supporting the Lao government and the VCSBE, through the project to enhance the capacity of Vientiane Capital State Bus Enterprise second phase, running from 2016-2019.

The first phase of the project took place from 2012-2015. JICA technical assistance will continue to assist the VCSBE to better serve its passengers.

The Joint Coordination Committee (JCC), which mainly consists of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Vientiane, VCSBE, JICA and the Japanese experts, is expected to play a key role to facilitate inter-organisational coordination for the project.

The VCSBE, JICA and several partners met to discuss how to enhance the capacity of Vientiane Capital State Bus Enterprise in the second phase’ yesterday in Vientiane.

In the meeting, Director of Vientiane Capital State Bus Enterprise, Mr. Khamphoune Temerath discussed improving operating times and frequency of buses to sufficiently cover the activity time of passengers in Vientiane.

However there are still some problems with the project, including no designated bus lanes, narrow roads and a small number of official bus stops that have been poorly maintained.

During the meeting, JICA also proposed hiring more drivers and attendants, a fare collection system, subsidies and tax exemptions, and coordination with the Bus Rapid Transit project.

JICA introduced a driver rotating shift system to increase bus operation frequency and hours in which one bus would be operated by two or more drivers a day, and the introduction of a fixed salary and fare collection system.

In Vientiane, the operating times and frequency of VCSBE’s bus service is limited due to the insufficient number of bus drivers; as a bus is operated by only one driver a day, between 6:00am and 6:00pm, with no service during the evening hours.

Cooperation in needed between ministries to ensure VCSBE’s efforts to improve the bus system in Vientiane are rewarded; an improved bus system will benefit everyone and the growth of the city.

Source: Vientiane Times