Govt still Capping Tuition Fees


The Government has not allowed tuition fees for public or private schools to be increased for the academic year of 2016-2017.

The Ministry of Education and Sports ordered each school in Vientiane Capital, as well as nationwide, to abide by the ceiling for tuition fees of private schools last year.

The tuition fees for private schools per person are: preschool is no less than 190,000 kip per month, kindergarten is no less than 140,000 kip per month, primary school is no less than 110,000 kip per month, low secondary school is no less than 120,000 kip per month and upper secondary school is no less than 140,000 kip per month.

However, if any school is found to have increased individual tuition fees, the ministry will penalize according to the regulations of the ministry.


Source: KPL


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