Police Net Amphetamine Haul in Bokeo Road Block 


The Bokeo Drug Prevention and Control Department last week seized 200,000 amphetamine pills being transported by pick-up truck and detained the driver.

The police officer in charge of drug control and supervision in Bokeo province said they received a tip-off that a quantity of illegal drugs was being transported through Tonpheung district so they set up a roadblock.

After police set up the roadblock outside the police station in Namkeung village, they stopped a pick-up that was travelling at high speed.

Police searched the vehicle and found 200,000 amphetamine pills. They arrested the driver, Mr Maichandy, 27, of Xiengkokmay village in Long district, Luang Namtha province.

Mr Maichandy confessed that a drug trafficker paid him 50,000 baht to take some pills to a customer in Huayxai district. He then went to pick up the pills from a man in Huaykhai village, Tonpheung district, after which he ran into the road block.

Police said the man had long been involved in the drug trade and they had been wanting to arrest him for a long time.

In Xieng Khuang province, provincial police arrested a man in Thachok village, Paek district, and confiscated 9,400 amphetamine pills found in his possession.

The man was named as Mr Maiseng, 25, of Huayxai village, Xamtay district, Huaphan province.

During questioning, he confessed that he had bought the pills from drug traffickers in Bokeo province and had been selling them around Xieng Khuang province.

Police are continuing their investigations into the cases and trying to identify other people involved in the drug rings before sending the suspects to court.

This year drug control police around the country are stepping up their attempts to crack down on dealers and make arrests.

Police are also explaining the dangers of drugs to officials and warning at-risk groups and others who may be involved with drugs of the consequences that await them.

The various provinces are cooperating in the crackdown on drugs and sharing any information they have in a bid to prevent the illegal movement and sale of drugs.

In 2015, police solved 2,258 drug cases, and arrested 3,346 people including 90 foreigners. This was an increase of 600 cases compared to 2014, according to the Drug Control and Supervision Department.

Police also seized more than 6,330,000 amphetamine pills, 134 kg of heroin, 3,257 kg of dried cannabis, 176 kg of crystal methamphetamine (ice), 49, 81 kg of raw opium, 6,690 kg of chemical precursors, and 1,552 kg of unidentified powder.


Source: Vientiane Times