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Laos, Thailand Sign New Cross-border Road and Rail Deal

Thailand Laos Rail and Road Extension

Laos and Thailand have signed an agreement to extend road and rail connections between the two countries worth more than THB 3 billion (USD 98.2 million).

New Road Connects Thai Border to Luang Prabang, Reduces Travel Time

new road luang prabang to nan province

A new road connecting the Thai border at Nan Province with Luang Prabang Province in Laos has officially opened, cutting the travel time for visitors.

Vientiane’s Problematic Donnokkhoum to Nakhuay Road to be Expedited

ທonnokkhoum to 450 years road construction

Authorities in Vientiane Capital hope to resolve the problems facing construction of a new road stretching from Donnokkhoum to Nakhuay villages, connecting to the 450 Years Road in Saysettha District.

Issues faced during construction, which began in 2012, include the contractor running out of money to complete the project, and villagers airing concerns about installation of drainage along both sides of the road, which temporarily affects their livelihoods.

The amount of compensation issued to those who have lost land to the project has not yet been agreed upon.

Represenatives from the Vientiane Department of Natural Resources and Environment have been tasked with holding discussions with affected villagers to explain the necessity of drainage installation, as well as issues related to compensation.

The project is being jointly implemented by the Vientiane Department of Public Works and Transport and the Namtha Road and Bridge Construction Company.

The road is being constructed in three phases. Phase one begins at Donnokkhoum village in Sisattanak District and runs 4,100 meters to Xiengda village in Saysettha District. This section will be 32 meters wide to allow for six lanes of traffic.

Phase two includes a section running from Xiengda village to Nakhuay village, and will be 5,400 meters long.

Phase three, the final section, runs from Nakhuay village to the 450 Years Road. It will be 2,160 meters long and include four lanes for traffic.

Source: Vientiane Times

Embankment Road to Offer New Southern Route for Vientiane

Embankment is New Southern Route for Vientiane

A road stretching 26km along the Mekong River in southern Vientiane, which also serves as an embankment, will soon be paved and ready for commercial traffic.

The road improvement, which was announced in 2016, serves as part of the Vientiane Flood Embankment Protection Project, under the Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project (FDRMMP).

The embankment helps to protect the city against flooding, while offering a new route for traffic to travel through southern Vientiane. This will ease traffic on Kaysone Phomvihane Road, which is currently the only major road facilitating traffic bound for the country’s southern provinces.

A loan has been provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at US$ 36.5 million to finance the project.

The road stretches from the Vientiane-Nong Khai Friendship Bridge, downstream through Huaymark-hiew Village in Hatxayfong District, befor connecting to Phao Village in Pakngum District, which then connects to Route 13 South.

It is said the road will alleviate traffic congestion in Vientiane Capital by offering a new route, and will become a regular commercial route between Vientiane and the southern provinces.

Many large trucks are already using the road, despite its lack of sealed surfacing. An 8km section has already been paved, while another 6km section near Buddha Park will be surfaced by the end of April, prior to the rainy season.

Villagers are happy with the new route, which saves them time when transporting crops to markets in the area. The original roads, in poor condition, meant a trip of up to three hours to the city center for some, and will now take only one hour.

The road upgrade will also better facilitate tourists who want to visit Buddha Park, which is a popular tourist attraction located 25km southeast of downtown Vientiane Capital.

The Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project is comprised of several components, including urban flood risk management, disaster risk management systems, disaster risk financing and insurance, project management, and contingency emergency response.

Source: Vientiane Times

Hospitals Prepare to Treat New Year Road Accident Victims

Hospitals in Vientiane are making preparations to treat the expected influx of patients involved in road accidents over the New Year.

Mittaphab, Setthathirath and Mahosot hospitals will have 24-hour emergency teams on standby to treat accident victims between December 29 and January 2, a hospital official said.

Deputy Director General of Mittaphab Hospital, Dr Tavanh Manivong, told Vientiane Times yesterday about their plans when giving a rundown of preparations in the lead up to the New Year.

Mittaphab and hospital networks are preparing medical staff and equipment in response to the expected surge in demand for services.

We have medical emergency teams on duty at all times so that we can provide good service, especially as the number of accidents is increasing each year, he said.

Last New Year Mittaphab had to handle about 400 road accident victims in just five days, which placed a lot of strain of doctors and nurses, he added.

On some days, we had to send accident victims to other hospitals because we didn’t have enough beds available. We believe the number of accidents could go as high as 800 this year over the same period.

Dr Tavanh said hospitals were partnering with the Foundation for Assisting Poor People of the Lao PDR, which provides aid to road accident victims and sends patients to Mittaphab and other hospitals nearest the scene of an accident.

He said that last year, doctors were sometimes unable to resuscitate accident victims because they were dead on arrival, the emergency team was busy with other patients, or there weren’t enough doctors on hand when casualties arrived.

Most accident victims are brought to the hospital at night, according to the Emergency and Critical Care Unit at Mittaphab.

According to the latest report from the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security, there were 530 fatalities among 2,754 road accidents nationwide in the first six months of 2015.

Along with the 530 fatalities, 583 people were left in a critical condition, 1,716 were seriously injured and 2,022 people were slightly injured.

In addition, 189 vehicles were written off, 2,399 sustained moderate damage and 2,324 vehicles sustained minor damage.

Vientiane again the topped the list with 730 accidents, including 126 fatalities and 983 people injured. Some 1,400 vehicles also sustained damage.


Source: Vientiane Times

Vientiane Authorities Promote Road Safety

The Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security, in partnership with Lao Brewery Co., Ltd, is continuing its road safety awareness project to reduce the rising number of accidents and traffic congestion.

Director General of the Traffic Police Department, Colonel Khamthavai Phetouthai noted at the road safety awareness project ceremony on Thursday in Vientiane that The number of vehicles is continuing to increase, which is leading to more accidents and traffic congestion in the country.

In 2014, there were 5,072 road accidents around the country, in which 9,264 people sustained injures while there were 1,054 fatalities.

In 2015, there were 4,349 road accidents nationwide, in which 6,686 people sustained injuries while there were 797 fatalities. The cost of damages was estimated at over 90 billion kip, he said.

According to the department, from January to August 2016, there were 3,746 accidents recorded nationwide during this time, including 714 fatalities. Some 5,935 people were injured and 6,883 vehicles were damaged.

Meanwhile, motorbikes were involved in 95 percent of the accidents, with 90 percent of those dying in accidents being male.

The majority of accidents occurring around the country still involved drunken driving and high speeds.

The project will be handing out information on the traffic regulations and the dangers of careless driving. The on-going activities have helped participants have a better understanding about traffic rules and the danger of accidents.

The project is focused on enforcing the traffic regulations along the national roads, setting up checkpoints to monitor motorists’ speeds and assessing their levels of sobriety along important roads.

In particular, the project has highlighted the meaning of road safety and traffic signs, the anti- drink-driving message, and also distributed stickers and brochures at schools, roadsides and to participants during activities.

Following the campaign, the authorities hope society will have a much better understanding of the traffic regulations, especially students at man y schools, as young people are over represented in road statistics.

The project will run from December 2016 to March 2017 and then they will summarise their results.

A ceremony for the road safety awareness project launch took place at the Traffic Police Department office on Thursday and was attended by Deputy Director General of the General Police Department, Brigadier General Dr Thongsavanh Vongsavath, Director General of the Traffic Police Department, Colonel Khamthavai Phetouthai, and President of Lao Brewery Co., Ltd., Mr Sounthone Phommachack. Lao Brewery Co., Ltd supported this year’s operations with funds totalling 260 million kip.


Source: Vientiane Times

Railway Access Road Construction Begins for Tunnel Drilling Site

A Chinese contractor has recently begun surveying the construction area of an access road to the drilling site for the Laos-China Railway tunnel in Nga district, Oudomxay Province, said a member of the technical staff.

Deputy Head of the Oudomxay Provincial Public Works and Construction Department, Mr Sinouan Khamdy told a KPL News reporter last Friday that the railway will pass through the three districts of Namor, Xay and Nga (40 villages) with a total length of 126.6 km, representing one third of the total length of the rail line. Three main stations and six small stations are to be built in Oudomxay.

This project will be the biggest one ever to be implemented in the province, he said, adding that the majority of the railway construction activities in Oudomxay will be tunnels (40% of the total length of the rail line) and bridges.  The longest tunnel will be 9.3 km in length and will be drilled in Nga District.

The Oudomxay Coordinating Committee for the Management of the Lao-China Railway Construction Project is now conducting a public campaign in affected areas to increase the understand of local people and also to encourage their participation in making the construction project a success, Mr Sinouan said.

The Coordinating Office for the Laos-China Railway Construction Project and seven coordinating committees responsible for the project have also been set up, said Oudomxay Deputy Governor Mr Somchit Phanyasack.

The compensation allowance for families affected by the project in Oudomxay and Luang Namtha has yet to be determined.

The railway is expected to significantly boost transport, both at the provincial and national level.

The cargo transport cost by the Laos-China Railway will be about 100,000 kip per tonne, said Mr Somchit.

More than 5,000 Chinese workers are expected to work on the project.


Source: KPL

China Funds Mekong Road Construction

The Chinese government has funded construction of a 22.5 km road along the Mekong River linking Tonpheung district in Bokeo province with Sing district in Luang Namtha province to facilitate transport and boost northern development.

A signing ceremony for construction of the 225 million yuan (more than 268 billion kip or US$32.7 million) road took place recently in Vientiane between representatives from the Chinese Embassy to Laos and the Lao Ministry of National Defence, the Lao Army Newspaper reported yesterday.

Construction of the seven-metre-width road will commence in January next year and will take 36 months to complete. The project will asphalt and widen the existing unpaved five-metre road.

The road, which will connect Mom village in Tonpheung district with Pakhouaylong village in Sing district, is part of the planned road construction project to link Tonpheung district with the Chinese border over a total distance of 238 km.

Deputy Director General of the Engineering Department of the Lao ministry Colonel Dr Siphonxay Khamthongveun said he believed once the road was operational it would contribute significantly to socio-economic development of the northern region, which shares a border with China. He added the project would also contribute to enhancing security in the region.

The Colonel said the Lao side would continue to seek financial sources to upgrade the remaining section of the 238 km road, which will stretch through the golden triangle area.

Source: Vientiane Times