Lao Enterprises Seek Greater Access to Chinese Market


Lao associations of furniture, rice mill and coffee have shared experiences on promoting exports of Lao commodities to China, Lao state-run news agency KPL reported Tuesday.

Over the past few years, Chinese businessmen have expressed interest in various kinds of goods from Laos including furniture, handicrafts, and agriculture products, but have been unable to get access to the products.

As a result, Lao businessmen need to learn how to bring their products into Chinese markets, Somvang Ninthavong, Head of the Promotion and Development Department was quoted as saying.

Chinese consumers are especially interested in Lao rice. According to KPL report, in 2015, Laos exported 8,000 tons of rice to China.

China is a huge market sharing a border with Laos, and exporting to China could therefore be quite convenient.

Lao government and Ministry of Industry and Commerce have been cooperating with the private sector to learn about laws and educate consumer groups and businessmen in Laos, Somvang said at a seminar held by the ministry in capital Vientiane on Monday.

Source: Global Times (Xinhua)