Lao Needs Specific Law on Product Sciences


Laos is still in need of creating a specific law aiming at the administration and promotion of Lao scientists as well as the commercialisation of products derived from nature.

The number of products derived from natural sources by scientists is increasing every year however the government can still do more to promote such innovations including by protecting intellectual property rights.

A meeting held in Vientiane on Monday was attended by Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr Boviengkham Vongdara and scientists from nationwide.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the first meeting of natural scientists, Prof. Dr Boviengkham noted that We still lack a specific law for the administration and promotion of scientists researching natural products in the country.

This meeting will play an important role for all Lao scientists through raising discussions on the creation of such a law. He said it would especially help science and technology applications over the coming years.

The meeting aimed to create justice in society and contribute to the sustainable socio-economic and cultural development of Laos through strengthening scientific and technological progress for socio-economic development and the gradual transformation of the country towards industrialisation, he said.

Products which use modern technology in accordance with the main goals in prioritised production sectors are being targeted, as are studies on the application of new technology and innovation, which will contribute to national socio-economic development.

Dr Boviengkham noted that the day is also an expression of respect and admiration for the work, achievements and scientific advances of researchers and inventors and their creativity in furthering the development of mankind.

Furthermore, participants will be able to meet and exchange information, discuss the achievements in their research, and present technologies to be built into projects in the future.

According to the ministry, there are now over 136 natural scientists in Laos.

Source: Vientiane Times