Food Review: All-American All Star Burgers

American All-Star Food Catering

On a cool lazy Sunday afternoon in Vientiane, it can be so comfortable at home that stepping out for food is  just not an option. My friends and I figured we would try out a burger from someplace new, so we gave American All Star Catering a try, and oh man, did we love it! Within an hour of our call, owner Mos had the burgers at our doorstep. Mos is super friendly, and we began chatting. He grew up in the States and was in the US Air Force for a time. He  did one tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and he’s been in Laos for about five years now. Mos realized that the one thing Vientiane had been missing was a good old all-american barbecue burger, and so couple of weeks ago he set up AAS Catering.

AAS BBQ Rib Bacon Cheeseburger

We ordered the BBQ Bacon and Cheese burger, BBQ Chicken burger and Mos threw in two mini burgers because we are such nice people. As soon as I took my first bite into the burger, my mind went OMFG! It was perfect! To compare AAS’ burgers with those from other burger joints in town would not do it justice, as these burgers are in a totally different league. The meat was tender, the texture perfect, and the explosion of flavour with every bite was… well… explosive! No additional sauce or condiments are required for  American All Star Catering burgers. 

AAS Fish BurgerI had the mini fish burger, which was a bit ‘fishy’, which I personally enjoyed, but I could imagine some people may not like it so much.

Finishing my burger, I was left craving more, and luckily every order comes with fries, although I felt that there were not quite enough, and I must admit the fries were a bit cold (perhaps a hazard of delivery).

Mos plans to expand his menu and I am definitely looking forward to see what else he has cooking. Currently AAS Catering is  delivery only but Mos is currently on the lookout for some real estate for his restaurant. We will keep you posted!

You can get in touch with him through his Facebook Page or call: +856 20 77999927 [ English or Lao]

Photos: Courtesy of All-American All Star Catering