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Laos’ Biggest Ever Sticky Rice Basket Presented by Inthira Group

Inthira Hotels & Restaurants presented Laos’ biggest ever basket of sticky rice (khao niao) at the opening of LAOFOOD 2018 Exhibition, held at the National Convention Centre in Vientiane from 7-9 July, while also taking home honors at the event’s hospitality and culinary competitions.…

The Best of Laos

A country could tell its whole story through food, if only it knew how.

 When Latsamy Vetsaphong first heard a western friend wondering aloud where they could buy some of the amazing delicacies they had tried while in Laos, she realised there was a gap in the market for Lao …

Singapore Restaurant Sells Thai Food, Misspells Lao Name

Un-Yang-Kor-Dai, a concept from the Thai city of Khao Yai, has recently opened an outlet in Chinatown in South Bridge Road, Singapore.

While its brand positioning is understandably geared towards serving authentic Thai or Isan cuisine, its restaurant name is written in the standard language of Laos, where Isan …

The Tale of the Nang Fish

Why does the Pa Nang have only one ribcage?

It’s just one fish among many in the traditional cuisine of Laos, but the Pa Nang has one physical characteristic that sets it apart – just half a ribcage.

And while there is likely a convincing scientific explanation for this arresting …

Koreans Bring Lao Cuisine to Korea

Newly opened Lao Piak is one of only 2 Laotian restaurants in Seoul

Two young women in their early 30s have been close friends since college. Both graduated from high school in Korea and went on to the University of Virginia in the United States, where they first met. When …

The Most Followed Lao Person on Facebook

It’s official. The most followed Lao person on Facebook is Boualai (ບົວ ໄລ). This avid eater has got more followers than Kaem Boom, Noony, Larnoy Phorjai and Somchan, to name a few of the most followed celebrity idols in Laos.…

Texas Chicken Opens Second Branch in Vientiane, Laos

Texas Chicken Second Branch Vientiane Laos

Texas Chicken, the American fried chicken chain, has officially opened its second branch in Vientiane Capital, marking the expansion of the brand in Laos.

The branch opened on 2 May on Francois Ngin Road, in a location popular with tourists and local people along the Mekong River.

Texas Chicken says …

Magic Matsutake

It can be hard to say goodbye to a place, especially when you’ve uncovered a special, life-lengthening secret along the way. In 1945, when World War II was ending and the Japanese ended its occupation of Southeast Asia, one Japanese soldier was left behind in Xiengkuang Province.

Maybe he chose …