President Advises on NA’s Role


Legislation development should ensure the translation of Party directives into reality, while all draft laws should comply with existing international laws and treaties.

Party Secretary General and President of the Lao PDR Bounnhang Vorachit gave this advice regarding the National Assembly (NA)’s role as a legislative body in his address at the third meeting of the NA’s Party Committee last week.

“The development and amendment of laws and regulations at various levels should ensure that directives and policies have been translated and contained in the detail of the laws, and regulations for the measures defined by the directives and policies have been implemented,” Mr.Bounnhang said.

It was important for the National Assembly to work closely with line ministries, the NA’s various committees, and government in establishing the bodies directly responsible for drafting laws so they would gain expertise in the field.

President Bounnhang also urged the NA to investigate whether the contents of newly drafted laws complied with the constitution, and whether the laws being promulgated ensured the common rights and interests of the nation and its various ethnic groups.

He urged the Assembly’s leaders to lead their committees in overseeing activities undertaken by ministries and organisations to ensure they strictly followed the constitution, laws and the NA’s resolutions.

Mr. Bounnhang also pointed out the importance of in-depth studies before the approval of laws related to international treaties and conventions that Laos is party to so that they maximise the benefits for the nation.

Regarding the oversight role, President Bounnhang reminded the NA’s leaders about the Resolution adopted by the 10th Party Congress earlier this year, which he said stressed the quality, effectiveness, and integrated oversight of the Assembly, and called for strict enforcement to address the results of inspections.

To achieve these aims, he urged the Assembly to have an integrated inspection plan that focused on outstanding issues and comprehensive information that would ensure proper understanding of the issues and related laws, to approve the right measures, and to prepare integrated and reasonable queries.

Mr. Bounnhang urged the NA’s leaders to guide the provincial people’s councils in improving their organisational structure so that they were strong and true representatives of the people.

He called on the NA to help provincial councils to devise regulations relating to organisations, as well as activities for counselling teams and technical expertise training of personnel.

President Bounnhang also stressed the importance of coordination between the National Assembly’s committees and the provincial people’s councils.


Source: Vientiane Times