Twenty Nine Students and Entrepreneurs Join a Business Study Tour to Japan


The Embassy of Japan on October 24 held a send-off reception at the Japanese ambassador’s residence for nine female students and twenty female entrepreneurs who are departing for Japan to participate in a business study tour under the “JENESYS 2016”program supported by the Japanese Government.

The group will stay in Japan from October 25 to 1November 2016 and take part in the “Female Entrepreneurship” program.

The study tour offers the participants opportunities to enhance their business knowledge and get ideas for their business based on lessons learned from Japanese business activities. In addition, the participants can deepen their understanding of Japanese traditional and contemporary culture.

The nine Lao students were selected from outstanding female students in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports and the twenty entrepreneurs were selected in collaboration with the JICA Laos Office, the JETRO Laos Office, and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the send-off reception, Mr. Kazunori Kawada, Minister Counsellor of Japan to the Lao PDR, emphasized in his remarks that participants shall be messengers for what they find attractive about Japan, such as coexistence of high technology and tradition, beautiful and delicious Japanese food, care for nature and environment, animation and J-pops etc.

Following the Minister Counsellor’s remarks, Ms. Souphaphone Souannavong, a representative of the participants, who is a founder of TOHLAO Coworking Space, expressed her appreciation to the Japanese Government and her determination to study Japanese business activities and make use of this experience for her business.


Source: KPL