China, Laos to Jointly Produce Movie


China and Laos, for the first time, is to jointly produce a movie named “Champa Blossoms”, according to information released at a press conference in Vientiane on Tuesday.

The movie tell stories of beautiful love between Lao and Chinese nationals, and will show the friendly relations between the two countries as well as their sceneries and cultural features, said Vithoun Soundara, acting director general of the Cinema Department under the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

The co-production of the movie is of great significance in promoting Laos-China bilateral friendship and cultural cooperation, he said.

According to Deputy Minister Bouangeun Xaphouvong, Laos and China have gained gratifying achievements in various fields. In cultural area, the two sides have a number of cooperation projects in film industry, including movie co-production, organization of film week in Laos, among others.

These cooperation has contributed greatly to the development of Laos-China traditional friendship and the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, said Bouangeun.

“We will strive to produce a perfect chapter in China-Laos friendship, and will abide by Lao relevant laws, culture and tradition during movie production,” said Zhou Yan, Chinese producer of the movie.

Source: Xinhua