BCEL-KT: Trade Summary (Nov 7, 2016)


Trade Summary

LSX was mixed on the first trading day of the week, the index growth 8.85 points to 999.79 points from the matching of two heavyweight stocks as EDL-Gen and BCEL. The total market turnover generated to 90,885,000 kip.

EDL-Gen increased 50 kip on the trading volume of 17,900 shares matched, at the end of the session decided to close at 4,900 kip. The increase of EDL-Gen has been offset by the increase of 50kip in the price of BCEL, which saw just 800 shares changed hands at 5,200 kip. In the mean time, LWPC, PTL and SVN closed with no trading at 6,100 kip, 2,500 kip and 3,000 kip respectively.