Manhunt Underway after Policeman Shot and Killed


Savannakhet provincial police and Xepon district local authorities are trying to trace a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer on Wednesday.

The policeman was reportedly killed by a man named Mr Somphone (also known as Tak) in an old two-storey building while he and other officers were searching for him in connection with a multiple stabbing.

Police had received a tipoff from neighbours who became suspicious after the suspect got into a heated argument with other people on November 2, which resulted in three people being stabbed. They are now recovering in hospital.

In the meantime the police tried to track down the assailant but were unable to find him.

However, on Wednesday police were informed by neighbours that there was a bad smell coming from a nearby building. They went to investigate but were ambushed by the suspect who was hiding inside.

A police officer, who asked not to be named, told Vientiane Times that the suspect then shot and killed one of the policemen.

Police surrounded the building to prevent the man escaping but he managed to evade them. Police then discovered the body of another victim, who is believed to have been stabbed by the suspect.

We will bring the full force of the law to bear on Mr Somphone if he is found guilty of killing one of our men, the police officer said.

The police are now in pursuit of the suspect and intend to bring him to justice after his shocking act, which has appalled the general public, he added.

The police are asking for anyone with information on Mr Somphone’s whereabouts to come forward, but warn that people should stay away from him as he is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Source: Vientiane Times