Lao Front Elects Party Leadership


The Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) on Friday elected its Party leadership to oversee the work of the organisation for the next five years.

The election took place at the Front’s fourth Party Congress, which also reviewed the performance of the LFNC over past years and discussed the next five-year plan.

Secretary General of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and President, Mr Bounnhang Vorachit, was present at the congress which was attended by 101 delegates including 27 women.

The congress elected the new LFNC Party Committee comprising nine members, who were chosen from 11 candidates.

Politburo member and President of the LFNC Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane was elected Party Secretary of the LFNC. Mr Khambay Damlat was elected as Deputy Party Secretary and Ms Khamchanh Phomsengsavanh was elected as Chairwoman of the Inspection Committee of the LFNC. The three have been elected as the Front’s Standing Committee.

Following the election, President Bounnhang told the newly-elected Party Committee to take steps to translate the Resolution of the congress into detailed work plans and programmes in order to fully realise them.

He advised the Front’s new Party leadership to endeavour to strengthen the body’s organisational structure towards greater ideological strength.

Mr Bounnhang told the new Party Committee to pay great attention to raising ideological awareness and inspiring a morally revolutionary spirit among Party cadres and officials, and educate them to be cognisant of state laws and regulations and to have a strong sense of responsibility.

The new committee was told to work harder to push Party cadres and officials in the LFNC to teach themselves to improve their professional competence to meet the growing needs and requirements of the existing work and responsibilities of officials. The Party Secretary General stressed the need for the committee to improve its leadership and working methods based on centralised democratic principles.

The committee was told to attach great importance to attracting assistance and cooperation from friendly countries and international organisations to improve the performance of the LFNC and enhance its work. Mr Bounnhang praised the LFNC for its achievements over past years.


Source: Vientiane Times