Over 40 Crimes Reported during That Luang Festival


A total of 46 crimes were reported to the Vientiane Public Security Headquarters during this year’s That Luang Festival.

The incidents took place from November 8-14, with pickpocketing being the most common crime and 31 cases reported. In addition, five bags were reportedly slashed, one fight broke out, there was one drug-related case, and five robberies and three general thefts were noted.

Losses included more than 47 million kip in cash, over 56,000 Thai baht, 14 baht weight of gold, US$6,200, 700 yuan, 18 mobile phones, one camera, and other items. The police arrested eight people including two women.

During last year’s That Luang festival there 21 crimes, with pickpocketing again the most commonly reported offence. More than 15 million kip and other items were stolen and the police arrested two men.

No crimes were reported at Lao-ITECC, where the commercial part of the festival took place.

This year, 2,481 police, soldiers and students were stationed around the festival to ward off criminals and prevent antisocial behaviour.

The Vientiane Public Security Headquarters also reported other crimes that occurred around the capital during the festival period.

reported in Vientiane with police solving 29 cases and arresting 77 people including 19 women.

Most of the incidents were drug-related, with 13 cases reported. Police solved 13 cases and arrested 35 people, including five women.

There were also 11 general thefts, with police solving six cases and arresting nine people. Police also seized 298 amphetamine pills and a gun.

The Vientiane Traffic Police reported that from November 8-14, a total of 31 traffic accidents took place in the capital, resulting in four fatalities.

Compared to last year the number of accidents dropped from 19 to 31, but the number of fatalities remained the same.


Source: Vientiane Times