BCEL-KT: Trade Summary (Nov 17, 2016)


Trade Summary

On Thursday, Lao Securities Exchange’s index reversed previous’ gain by having loss of 982.76 points amid mixed trading. Form the execution of EDL-Gen and BCEL, the total market turnover was 536,435,000 kip, translating into 110,800 shares which were slightly higher than the previous session. EDL-Gen closed in red for second day of this week, the energy stock moved between 4,800 kip to 4,850 kip, but finally considered to close at 4,800 kip on 108,500 shares traded. In the mean time, BCEL kept its persistence at 5,150 kip, having only 2,300 shares matched which generated 11,835,000 kip of trading value. Unfortunately, LWPC, PTL and SVN were quietly closing at 6,100 kip, 2,500 kip and 3,000 kip, respectively.