Students Expand their Horizons with Talk on Chinese Culture


Students from the Kong Zi Institution’s Chinese Language Department and the National University of Laos (NUOL) gained an exciting insight into Chinese culture on Wednesday after listening to a special lecture at the university.

The topic of the lecture was Integration of eastern and western culture and was delivered to mark the 400th anniversary of artists and literature of China and Europe, many of which have become firm favourites the world over.

The student audience learned a lot more about Chinese customs and traditions including traditional forms of dress, the arts, literature and traditional artistic practices.

Acting President of NUOL Professor Dr Somsy Gnophanxay said the university wanted to expand its arts and culture activities in relation to different ethnicities in order to broaden students’ education.

NUOL was also interested in more cultural exchanges and exposure to international cultures.

Prof. Dr Somsy said the students were fascinated and would long remember the lecture and what they had learned about Chinese literature.

This would inspire them to develop an interest in the literature produced by other countries, both old and modern.

The lecture was organised by the Chinese Cultural Centre in Laos and NUOL’s Chinese Research Centre.

It was delivered by a senior Chinese official and was attended by NUOL officials and lecturers, staff from the Chinese Embassy to Laos, and members of other organisations.

Source: Vientiane Times