Sekong Bridge Completion Delayed to 2018


Construction of the Sekong Bridge on National Road No.16B in Sekong province has experienced delays and completion is now slated for 2018 instead of next year as previously projected.

The construction of the bride began in 2014 at a projected cost of US$15 million and was originally expected to finish in March this year but they experienced some delays causing extensions beyond the project plan.

According to the construction project deputy head, Mr Khamkeng Keosouvanh, at present work on the project is about 70 percent complete.

The bridge will be 300 metres in length and 11 metres in width.

Therefore, the project developer proposed to extend the construction period for another ten months in order to improve some aspects of the work in accordance with accepted international techniques, he added.

So far, we have completed works under and above the bridge and the remaining works are bridge surface pavement and the bridge entrance approaches on each side, in order to ensure a quality finished product, Mr Khamkeng said.

To achieve the plan, the project developer will accelerate efforts to complete the remaining works, he added.

Sekong province is divided into two areas by the Sekong River as there is no connecting bridge. The eastern parts of the province are relatively undeveloped.

The first project aims to vitalise the regional economy across the river by improving transportation through the construction of a bridge, which will stimulate economic activities on both sides.

This will help improve the residents’ financial situation, particularly in the lesser developed areas.

If National Road No.16B is connected by this bridge, it would also increase cross-border trade between the southern part of Laos and its neighbouring countries.

Source: Vientiane Times