Boun Khao Chi (Makhaboucha)


During February (depending on the lunar calendar)

This ceremony is held at “Wats” (temples) across the country in the morning, when a special “bread made of sticky rice” is offered. The festival is held during the third full moon of the lunar calendar. The festival commemorates the original teachings of the Lord Buddha given to over a thousand monks who came spontaneously to hear him preach. The festival is marked by grand parades of candle-bearing worshippers circling their local temples, making merit amidst much religious music and chanting.

The ceremony is held in the morning for the purpose of commemorating the speech given by Buddha to 1,250 enlightened monks. Temple goers circumnavigate the Wat three times with candles in a ceremony known as vien tian. Boun Khao Chi Рspecial bread of sticky rice, coated with egg and then grilled, is made and offered to the monks. This offering occurs during Makhaboucha.


Source: KPL