NUOL Discusses Lifelong Learning Module for Teacher Education


The Faculty of Education at the National University of Laos (NUOL) is discussing and studying the possibility of integrating a lifelong learning module into teacher education programmes.

The brainstorming w orkshop about the idea took place the NUOL on Tuesday and was attended by Vice President of NUOL, Assoc. Prof Dr Oudom Phonekhampheng, the Regional Director of DVV International, Mr Uwe Gartenschlaeger, in addition to many educators.

A senior official from DVV International, Mr Ounpheng Khammang, presented the concept of lifelong learning, meaning that every human should continuously learn from the cradle to the grave including formal and informal learning. It focuses on the triangle of knowledge, skills and competencies, which increase employability, personal development, active citizenship and social inclusion.

The importance of lifelong learning is amplified by the fact that we are now living in a fast changing and complex socio-economic and political world to which we need to adapt by rapidly acquiring new knowledge, skills, and attitudes in a wide range of evolving contexts.

An individual will not be able to meet life’s challenges unless he or she becomes a lifelong learner and a society will not be sustainable unless it becomes a learning society.

The target of lifelong learning is a holistic educational continuum for learner-centred educational opportunities from cradle to grave in a borderless, nurturing educational landscape from infancy through even to retirement. With the adoption of such a revolutionary policy at the societal level, Laos will surely achieve a level of sustainable development that benefits every citizen.
Source: Vientiane Times