Auto Lao Receives Mercedes Benz Star Award


Known as the first company to import the Mercedes-Benz brand name from Germany to sell in Laos in 1957, Auto Lao was honoured to receive a special award of “Mercedes-Benz Star Award” for Best Start in Van Business South East Asia 2016.

The award ceremony took place during the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Conference, held on November 25 in Bangkok, Thailand. The award was presented to Auto Lao Company Limited General Manager Mr Anolack Thammavong.

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager Mercedes Benz Vans South East Asia, Indian Subcontinent and South Pacific, Mr Thomas Berner, was honoured to present a trophy to Mr Anolack.

Lao Auto’s Sales Manager Commercial Vehicles, Mr Sirichith Inthavong, also attended the award ceremony with other VIP guests from regional and international countries.

“It was a great honour and pleasure to accept the award in recognition of the work the company has done to improve itself in Laos, especially exceeding our vans sales target to customers,” Mr Anolack said.

The award particularly recognises Mr Anolack’s efforts in leading the company, which has seen outstanding performance in selling the Mercedes Benz brand name in Laos, and for having made significant progress in establishing and reinforcing his company in the international business arena.

Mr Anolack stressed that the company brought these vans for sale in Laos in June of this year, saying “we have exceeded our sales target for the year and this has led to Mercedes Benz awarding us with the best start in Van Business for 2016.”

Citing the development of the company, Mr Anolack said Auto Lao has developed strategies to engender trust in its customers, including convenient and fast service, and high standards of this brand name.

“We are now launching our hotline 1868 to provide customers with 24-hour service and they don’t need to worry and wait any longer if their vehicle has technical problems or related issues,” Mr Anolack said.

Auto Lao has also improved its methods in the workplace and has developed its staff’s capacity to prepare them to lead the company forward.

Known for being easy-going and happy, Mr Anolack has become a well respected leader within the company.

In recognition of the tireless efforts and achievements made by the company in exceeding the vans sale target, it is not surprising that the concerned authorities unanimously agreed to present an award to Mr Anolack .

Mentioning the Mercedes Benz brand name, Mr Anolack explained that Auto Lao has many types of Mercedes Benz brand name, which are mostly designed to be luxury and comfortable, safety first, friendly for environment, long term use, oil save and other related issues for users .

“All of our vehicles are imported from Germany under Daimler AG. Our service centre guarantees the authenticity of our parts and the expertise of our mechanics,” Mr Anolack added.

For more information customers can visit the Auto Lao Company Limited showroom and head office, which is located on Asean Road at Oupmoung village in Sikhottabong district, Vientiane. P.O. Box: 592, Tel: (856-21) 244 472 or Fax: (856-21) 244 473,

Source: Vientiane Times