Police Enhance Capacity for Emergency Situations


Police officers from relevant departments under the Ministry of Public Security are attending a training course to enhance their capacity in dealing with emergencies in the public safety field.

A nine-day Police Command Centre (PCC) training was opened yesterday and co-chaired by the Ministry of Public Security’s Office Head, Brigadier General Somsavath Keomalavong, Deputy Director General of the General Police Department, Colonel Phensavanh Thipphavongxay, Director of the Police Command Centre, Colonel Savaeng Phommaly and Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies Lao Sole Co., Ltd Mr Shang Dongya.

Mr Shang said that a modern Laos needs a police command centre and communication dispatching systems in order to protect the safety of the public.

“We firmly believe there would be a possibility that all departments can achieve and share the information efficiently in the near future,” Mr Shang noted.

“Everyone can access operation systems anytime, anywhere, by using state-of-the- art communications systems, which will significantly improve government service efficiency and gain public recognition.”

“The training is expected to run for seven days and the professional instructors are specially invited from Huawei headquarters,” he explained. “We hope trainees are able to use the Government Hotline and Police Command Centre (GHL-PCC) system efficiently and enhance the capacity of dealing with emergencies in the public safety field throughout the customised course,” Mr Shang said.

The Government Hotline and Police Command Centre (GHL-PCC) Project was officially opened by the Ministry of Public Security, in cooperation with Huawei the Lao PDR, in a move to allow police to monitor for crimes and other social issues. The project is one of the government’s priorities, completed at a cost of over US$39.9 million or about 323 billion kip in loan funding from the Chinese government, with the Lao government committing its own funds of 20.6 billion kip to the project.

The PCC project is a partnership between Huawei the Lao PDR and the Ministry of Public Security, aiming to develop a hotline reporting system via the emergency number 1191 so that the public can report on social issues.

The introduction of the new surveillance cameras will enable members of the public to turn to the police for help when facing an emergency situation. It will also allow police officers to perform their duties in protecting and resolving incidents or disturbances immediately, using the advanced police command centre.
Besides that, the project officials will also be on the lookout for drivers ignoring the traffic rules and hit-and-runs in the capital.


Source: Vientiane Times