TK Singers Launch New Music


Two new singers from TK Soundlao Entertainment Company (TK), Mr Sengchan Sainamper and Ms Somleudy, recently launched new singles.

Mr Sengchan’s new song is called Yarkmikhonkhangkai. It is a love song written by the famous songwriter, Mr Bounthom Ph anthamaly.

It describes a lonely boy who is looking forward to finding a girl to love, as he desperately needs someone by his side to comfort him.

Ms Somleudy’s first single is titled Yasiachaibordaihed, which she sings together with a popular artist from TK- Ms Pookky Ngernlarn.

Her single is written by Sengdala Pakkathong. It describes a girl waiting for a boy, who has made a promise to help her grow chilli plants after the rainy season finishes. However, he doesn’t come as promised, so the girl finds another boy to help her to grow the chilli plants. She tells the first boy, you should not be sad you missed your chance to grow chillies with me because yo u broke your promise.

Mr Sengchan Sainamper is from Huaphan province and is now working in Vientiane. He loves singing and this is his first time working with a large entertainment company.

They are both very happy with the launch of their singles, which are now available on YouTube.

After taking part in the Songfahadao 2 Contest, Mr Sengchan received an invitation to work with TK.

While Ms Somleudy is also a new comer to TK, she already has experience singing Lamsing (a kind of traditional, Lao folk song).

Ms Pookky Ngernlarn is a popular singer with TK and has already produced many albums.

Many of her songs have become popular among music lovers nationwide. She has already cooperated with TK many times, but this is her first time singing together with Ms Somleudy.

Mr Sengchan told Vientiane Times that he is proud to work with TK and very happy about the launch of his first single.

I am very happy and proud t o be singer with TK. I would like to thank the company for giving me a chance. This is my first time officially releasing music. My song is now available on various media channels. I would like to introduce myself and my single to the public and also ask for the support of Lao music lovers. Of course, I will regularly continue to produce new music for them, he said.

Ms Pookky Ngernlarn said that she is very happy cooperate with TK again and to sing a song with Somleudy. She thanked all of her fans for their previous support.

This is my first time singing with Ms S omleudy and I am very happy about it. I am sure music lovers will like this single because it is a joyful song. I would like to thank our listeners for their support of both my previous albums and of my new single with Ms Somleudy. Hopefully, TK will continue to support my work. I will do my best to produce the best music for them, she said.


Source: Vientiane Times