Rombouts Secures UK Listing For New Single-Origin Coffee Range From Laos and Cuba


Coffee roaster Rombouts has secured a listing in the UK with the Co-operative for its brand new single-origin ground coffee.

The range is sourced from Laos and Cuba, and is suitable for filter coffee machines and cafetières. To develop the range, Rombouts worked closely with its trusted coffee farmers in both Laos and Cuba to deliver exceptional and distinctive flavours.

In Laos, the company worked with farmers at the Bolaven Plateau to produce a Fairtrade and organic full-bodied, nutty coffee with hints of chocolate and peaches and a rich aftertaste.

Meanwhile, from the Hacienda Isabelica of Gran Piedra in Cuba, Rombouts’ direct trade partnership with farmers has created a lighter, complex-flavoured and medium-bodied coffee, with notes of caramel and cacao and a sweet aftertaste.

Source: Foodbev Media