71 Households Receive Compensation from Irrigation Project


Some 71 affected households from Sanghuabor village, Xaythany district have received compensation for construction of a Vientiane irrigation development project.

A compensation handover ceremony took place yesterday in the village and was attended by President of Vientiane People’s Council and Chairman of Grievance Redress Committee for the Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project Dr Anouphap Tounalom.

The project received loans and grants from Asian Development Bank (ADB) totalling US$37.09 million for the Vientiane Flood Protection Embankment and the Irrigation Development in Vientiane Capital subproject.

The subproject intends to construct four pump irrigation schemes along the Makhiew River at Dongkhuay, Nalong, Sanghuabor and Makhiew villages in the three districts of Hadxaifong, Xaythany and Pakngum, Director of the southern part of the Vientiane Irrigation Development Project Mr Saykham Phengkhammy said.

ADB considered obstacle removal as priority work in implementing the project which had to finish redressing grievances before beginning the construction.

To ensure the project is implemented in a timely manner as planned, today we organised a ceremony to hand over compensation to people affected by Sanghuabor irrigation project, he said

Total compensation included 101,303 square metres of agricultural land, a well, along with trees at a cost of more than 600 million kip, Mr Saykham added.

The irrigation scheme is located in Sanghuabor village, Xaythany district, and will provide irrigation by pumping water from the Makhiew River.

The pumping station will be installed at the boundary of a farm pond near the village with 22.7 hectares of existing paddy fields being irrigated through the pond with surface water.

The water from the farm pond can be diverted to the lowland area from the Makhiew River when the water level is high.

The depth of the farm pond is very shallow to impound and reserve water.

The main channel for Sanghuabor irrigation scheme is a line-canal about 2,950 metres in length along with secondary and tertiary canals of 6,650 and 1,300 metres respectively.

The project began in August and is scheduled to finish in 2019 having a total irrigable area of about 300 hectares.


Source: Vientiane Times