Vegetable Prices Increased over New Year

Lao vegetable prices

Vegetable prices rose over the new year holiday period, while the market price of meat remained steady.

Each new year, the prices of vegetables including onions, mint, coriander, tomatoes, morning glory, Chinese cabbage, and lettuce tend to increase due to a shortage in supply.

Although a request has been made by the Vientiane Industry and Commerce Department for local authorities to take responsibility for price controls, many vendors continued to flagrantly take advance of the situation. These vendors understand that demand is higher than usual during holiday periods, and supply is lower, meaning they can charge higher rate and earn an extra profit.

Authorities have said they will ensure prices return to normal after the holiday season when vendors return to their market stalls.

During the new year weekend, the prices of coriander and onions increased to 10,000 kip per kilogram, while lettuce rose to 8,000 kip per kilogram, and other produce including melons, limes, and tomatoes hit 6,000 kip per kilogram.

These price hikes were reported at Phontong market, in Chanthabouly District, and Nonkhor and Khuadin markets in Saysettha District. Other markets around Vientiane likely increased their prices too.

Fortunately, meat prices are stable as the government strictly controls them, while vegetables are not included in the price control list and therefore fluctuates according to demand.

This season typically sees a lower price for vegetables as farmers can grow more, versus the rainy season when farming of certain vegetables is more difficult.